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our mission 
Simply Herbals provides the most pure and safe natural herbal blends to health-conscious consumers.  We believe the human body will work more efficiently and create better balance when given the proper nutrients.  We are driven by inspiration and need, humbled by the responsibility to provide the highest quality and safest supplements that do what they claim to do and contain the ingredients listed on the packages.  Nervanah Herbal Medicine Company is built on the foundation of the history of medicine and will be a leader moving forward into the future, we endeavor to help people find the balance they deserve.  

herbal medicine history 
For thousands of years, all creatures have utilized available natural resources including plants and minerals to treat disease.  We help people wishing to continue this history by searching for the best possible natural ingredients our beautiful earth has provided, to this point….  These formulas are based on Traditional Chinese, Homeopathy, Ayurveda and energy-based remedies.  We believe every culture has some unique healing remedies from which we could all benefit!  

our formulas 
We provide both oral and topical formulas intended to treat common ailments.  We have found and provide great herbal formulas for busy people needing acute care.  We have chosen a base group of formulas that cover a broad range of common conditions, and plan on adding more as need or inspiration indicates… we will have regionally specific formulas.

Our formulas are produced by one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, that has a production history of 25 years.  The company follows very strict guidelines and is in compliance with all standards the United States government has set in regard to manufacturing and production. They are certified by the following agencies: Kosher, Halal, FDA, NSF and cGMP.  All of these certification are very expensive and cumbersome, but guarantee the quality and the safety of the supplements.   Once the herbs have been thoroughly evaluated, they are processed and blended into our beautiful formulas.  At that point, they are shipped to a pharmaceutical grade FDA approved packaging company in Nashville, TN. We provide web and phone support for both partners and customers whom will at some point have questions concerning the efficacy, ingredients and therapeutic options concerning our formulas.

parent company
Simply Herbals is a subsidiary company of East Tennessee Acupuncture Clinic, PLLC.  We have helped provide the Eastern Tennessee region with complementary and alternative medicines for more than 10 years!  This doesn't sound like much when the history of natural medicine dates back thousands of years, which is why history and traditions are vital.  Our desire is to provide the highest quality herbal formulas in an affordable individual dose pack to the masses.  

reminder to consumer
Always check with your health care provider prior to taking any supplement or medication.  Women who think they may be pregnant, or nursing, should not take any supplement without first consulting their health care provider.  These formulas are intended to assist the consumer in acute circumstances, but are not for the purpose of preventing, diagnosing, treating or curing any disease.  Any medical condition or concern should always be evaluated by your health care provider.   Thank you for trying our formulas, stay healthy!


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